Google Maps Review Snippets Showing in 3 Pack

Google is now randomly showing review snippets in their 3 pack results.

I first noticed this a while back and after checking in Google, found this article in Search Engine Land.

I have since noticed it a few more times but still can’t see any rhyme nor reason to it. It still seems to be a random choice by Google.

The listing that has the review snippet doesn’t seem to have more reviews or better reviews than others in the list. And it is certainly not showing the most recent or best reviews.

This listing in the image had a review from a long time ago (it took me ages to even find it among them all) showing. But they were the only ones that had the snippet (lucky them!).

I’ll update if I find any more info about this but in the meantime, this is what it looks like:

Search string: “mechanic alexandria”.

google review snippets showing in 3 pack

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