Project Management

Go Viral Now has had many years of experience in a wide range of online marketing, web, SEO and social media with a huge range of contacts with contractors and top freelancers. We work with businesses to put together large projects and manage the details for you.

From launches to redesigned websites to ensuring your business has top rankings for your major search terms, Go Viral Now will ensure you have the best people available for your project.

If your company isn’t ready to employ a social media marketer in house, we can provide consultants who will manage your social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram).

Thought about redesigning your website but last time you had a website built it took up so much time, money and resources? Let Go Viral Now take the headache out of your next major web project. It is rare that just one person can complete a complete corporate web design project. We will find the most qualified and cost effective person for your project and ensure it all runs smoothly and each contractor is working to deadline and meets all given targets.

A typical website redesign will require:

  • web designer/developer
  • graphic designer
  • photographer &/or videographer (or expensive stock photography of a high quality)
  • SEO expert
  • social media connections

Often, one agency can not meet all of these requirements, with experts in each field.  At Go Viral Now, we go through our wide range of qualified and experienced contractor database to find the most suitable person for your business and budget.

You will find that our charges are extremely cost effective and often far more reasonable than using a large agency. Our contractors take pride in each project they work on and know that the high quality and timeliness of their work means that they will continue to grow their own client and project base.

Project Management Resources:

  • Website Customisation and Development.

  1. We work with companies from small to large corporate entities and government and Non government organisations creating websites that bring in more traffic and turnover.
  2. Go Viral Now project manages the development of responsive, static, CMS, mobile, ecommerce, database, landing page, social media and other sites.
  3. Graphic design for your website is vital if you want a website that stands out from the crowd and is easy to navigate for both search engines and visitors. We have contacts with a range of graphic designers who have many years experience between them with many diverse projects (individual portfolios can be provided on request).


  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

  1. SEO in 2014 and beyond is about quality content and connecting with current and potential clients.
  2. Google has made significant algorithmic changes in recent years and are actively penalising websites that are seen to have low, duplicate quality content with a lot of spam and low quality links pointing to them.
  3. Organic traffic is vital to ensuring your website, brand and business are visible on the internet.
  4. Relevant keyword research and links from related, high authority sites, is key to ensuring your site gains and then, maintains its place in the search engine rankings.
  5. Social media citations, links and mentions are important for both the search engines and clients. Personal recommendations and reviews are considered more highly than a link from blog comments.


  • Blog Posting:

  1. Content is what Google and the other search engines are looking for on quality sites in 2014. If you don’t have the time to post content to your blog, we can provide keyword researched articles, optimised images that are royalty free and Youtube videos related to your keyword.
  2. Articles can be scheduled to be published on your blog at regular intervals.
  3. We repurpose your content. If you write a quality article, we can turn that into a wide variety of multi media content for your blog. This includes a Powerpoint presentation for Slide Share, a Youtube video, a Podcast, ebook, PDF documents as well as post to all the social media networks for links and traffic to your website.


  • Press Release

  1. Press Release writing and dissemination to relevant media outlets and journalists.
  2. Guaranteed first page in Google News (this means it is more likely to be picked up by local and other news services).


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