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How Does a Youtube Video Marketing Campaign Work?

Youtube videos allow your business to get on the first page for a well searched, relevant keyword and be noticed. Google displays thumbnails of your video in the search results, these stand out from the usual search results that are text based.

Additionally, a Youtube video sends a quality link back to your website. Youtube video SEO requires an understanding of:

– video keyword research
– how to craft meta tags so that you are found
– full SEO optimisation
– an understanding of Youtube video tags and how to use them
– how to increase views and traffic to your video
– embedding your video on your website or Facebook page

Why Would You Want a Youtube Video for your Business?

Sally is selling wedding dresses in Parramatta, her main keyword is “wedding dresses + Parramatta” and because she also wants to sell online she wants to rank for “wedding dresses” (using inverted commas makes the search an exact match for the words within).

Sally had never considered Youtube video marketing for her business. However, the intense amount of competition for her main keyword “wedding dresses + Parramatta”, while localised, still has over 140,000 competing websites.

Sally paid thousands for a site that has shopping cart facilities and can take orders online. The website designer developed a beautiful looking site but it isn’t optimised or well coded for the search engines and as a result, Sally would need a lot of time, effort and extra money for an SEO campaign to work.

A Youtube Video Marketing Campaign Gets You on the First Page – Fast!

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A Youtube video marketing campaign is far more likely to get a first page rank quickly than a text filled website. Google and the other search engines love videos and they particularly notice Youtube video marketing campaigns.

It is not uncommon for Youtube videos to be listed on the first page for competitive keywords within a matter of days rather than months as is often the case for websites.

As a small, local business owner who is just starting out, Sally has limited funds and needs a cost effective method for marketing to get her message out. Youtube video marketing provides that method.

A Youtube video marketing campaign allows for a clickable, colourful thumbnail image in the search results. Google likes to have at least 2 of these thumbnails on a first page. Have a look and see how many search results don’t have a video in them yet. These keywords are ripe for Youtube video marketing.

How to Set Up a Youtube Video Marketing Campaign.

Sally calls Go Viral Now to discuss how she can market her products in a way that represents value for money. Go Viral Now recommends that Sally’s business invest in a Youtube video marketing campaign.

The Youtube video will have links to her website in its description and can be embedded on her site for her visitors to watch. Including links in the description will also allow her site to improve its rank at the same time as she is getting her message to her customers.

Go Viral Now develops a Youtube video with Sally’s input. The video is well optimised and receives a first page rank for her major keywords within a matter of days to a week. This video is also embedded on Sally’s website and a Youtube video marketing promotion allows viewers to click on the video from Youtube to go directly to Sally’s website.

A Facebook Business Page and Twitter Profile are created and are listed on the first page within weeks as well as bringing visitors to her site from followers on the social networks.

Google Places gets Sally a map and a place on the local Google search results (if she is one of the first 7 businesses for that keyword, she automatically receives a first page listing for this result). Go Viral Now also lists Sally’s website with all the major search engines and sets up her Google webmaster and site analytics account so Sally’s Boutique can keep track of results.

Contact Go Viral Now to arrange your Youtube video marketing campaign to claim your spot on Google’s first page.