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Why Choose Pay Per Lead over Traditional SEO?

Know Your Cost Per Lead

Pay 50% of the cost for leads you would pay for in Google Adwords.

Low Risk Marketing with PPL

Don’t just pay for vague SEO outcomes. Gain targeted, qualified, buyer leads.

Pre Qualified Leads

We send you leads from your target market and demographic.

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What Is Pay Per Lead?

Our Pay Per Lead services are more targeted and effective than traditional SEO strategies. We recommend a combination of on page SEO strategies to make the most of the organic search results and pay per lead generation so that your business receives high quality, laser targeted prospective buyers quickly and for the long term.

We offer pay per lead services in different packages:

  • Pay per lead – pay only for qualified leads. Call tracking will provide you with analytics to see what calls are converting and know that you are only paying for genuinely qualified leads.
  • Traditional SEO services for your business website plus pay per lead generation services. 
  • Let clients find you, don’t go chasing them.
  • Provide us with the exact demographics of the kinds of clients that you want calling you.
  • Agree on a payment per lead that works for you.

We also offer:

No contract and no commitment plans.
Instant cancellations.
Enjoy a trial period with absolutely no obligation to stay on.
Call now on: 0413131202

It is important for us that you have a positive pay per lead experience. We treat you as our partners and we understand that the more business we generate for you, the better it is for both of our businesses.

Our leads are generated in a variety of ways. These include:

NO service/management fees
NO ongoing maintenance fees

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