The nature of search engine optimisation (SEO) has changed dramatically in the last few years. Go Viral Now specialises in SEO for Australian businesses. Our head office is in Sydney NSW but we work with clients all over the country.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large corporate entity, relevance is more important than ever. Social connections and engagement are vital for all businesses. Links, citations and mentions are increasingly regarded, by Google and the other search engines, as being evidence of “real people” being interested in your business, product or service. Social media provides high quality backlinks to your website and allows you to engage with potential and current customers.

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business:

One of the first tasks you need to undertake when building a website for your business is to buy a domain name. Sometimes it is worth thinking about the domain name when you name your new business.

A domain name that includes your industry or niche can be a huge help with optimising your website for search engines. As you can imagine, “” isn’t going to be as easy to optimise as something like: “”.¬†When your domain name gives a clue to what your business is about it will allow Google to know your industry before you have had time to build citations, links and write blog posts for your new business.

If you need help with selecting and purchasing your domain name, just give us a call or shoot us an email.


Make sure you are ready to buy your domain name as soon as you search for it. Write down a few names you like as many will already be taken. When one you like is available, snap it up there and then. Domain squatters have been known to have access to search results for domain searches and I have known more than one business to lose the domain they wanted and be offered it for over $2,000 a few days later! So beware and be ready to buy.

SEO – Content is King

Content continues to be king for Google and they will always reward businesses with high quality content that is regularly updated and refreshed. Go Viral Now recommend that every website should have a news/info blog so that you can provide interesting and updated information about your business, products and services. This also helps to establish your authority in a subject.

We provide information and articles about how you can continue to update your blog with interesting, relevant information plus we offer  packages where we will provide regularly updated, high quality content for your blog. Blog posts will be posted to social media networks to provide high PR links back to your site, value to your followers and increased traffic and visibility for the search engines.

Google Updates Mean Massive Changes to Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation SydneyGoogle has been making a lot of changes to their search algorithms in the last few years and many websites have been badly affected and have all but disappeared from the search results. Others have been completely “de-indexed” and removed from the search results completely. The most recent update, following Penguin and Panda, is Hummingbird. This is an entirely new algorithm and method for Google to return the most relevant search queries.

Hummingbird allows Google to understand the searcher’s intent and is particularly relevant as a result of the massive move towards mobile use. Many people talk into their mobiles when conducting searches and this results in a different string of search queries. Google now needs to understand more conversational searches with long tail keywords. Instead of skipping minor words in a search query string, Google now takes every word into account when trying to determine the most relevant result for the searcher.SEO Sydney

Additionally, Google can now follow a series of search queries. With the development of their “knowledge graph”, Google can intelligently predict and understand a series of related searches. For example, if a person asks about “Mount Kosciusko” and in their next search states, “how high is it?”, Google will assume that the second query is related to the first even though there are no relevant words in that particular query.

This makes long tail keywords more important than ever. It also means that, as always, keyword research is the most important first step in your SEO campaign.

Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

It is more important than ever to consider mobile search queries and results. Increasingly, people are using their smartphones and tablets to conduct search queries and it has been shown that these searches generally use different terms.

Mobile search engine optimisation sydneyThis is because people type with more mistakes and abbreviations than in speech. Also, many people are now using speech to text programs integrated into their mobile devices. With the inclusion and improvements with Siri and other voice recognition software, this trend is expected to continue. For SEO going into 2015 and beyond, it is vital to include mobile search terms.

Incorporating a mobile or responsive website is very important for your search engine optimisation results but it will also deliver the best possible online experience for your customers and clients. A fast loading site that can be easily read on a mobile device is essential for engaging the highest number of potential and current customers.

According to the latest Google research:

  • 2/3 of mobile users say that a mobile site makes them more likely to buy from that online store and 74% say they are more likely to return to that store later.
  • 61% say if they don’t find what they are looking for they will click away (often within 5 seconds) and over half said that even if they like the store, they won’t return as often if they can’t access the site on their smartphone.
  • 72% of users say a mobile site is important to them.

Google wants businesses to embrace mobile to provide a better experience to online searchers. They are also recommending that people try mobile ads for the 2/3 of people that are using mobiles to search. While this is a good marketing ploy by Google, there is no doubt that a number of businesses have seen a huge growth as a result of mobile ads connected to their mobile sites.

Go Viral Now can help you to monetise your mobile site or app with mobile ads. This is a great way to help pay for your hosting and your own advertising costs.