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Includes a FREE Website Audit – We Drill Down to Find Out How to Make Your Website Look Amazing in Google’s Eyes! Includes a FREE Competitor Analysis ($349 value)

Until 30 September, 2017: Receive a FREE Bonus – First Page Ranked Video for Your Business ($399 value)

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Why Trust Go Viral Now with Your SEO?

Our team of SEO specialists have many years experience and are constantly updating their knowledge and strategies. Ranking improvements within the first month are common. We use the latest and most relevant techniques to rank and drive targeted traffic to your website.


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Australian Owned & Operated Business

Our business is fully Australian owned with an office in Coogee, NSW. You will be called by an Australian expert SEO consultant who will go through options and requirements for you.

Our Australian based team of SEO’s understand the local scene and will ensure that you are found in the areas that you service or where your clients are located.

What is SEO and Why is it So Important?

How Does it Work?

We will spend the first 14 days going over your website and target keywords and a package is selected. We then conduct a full website SEO audit and competitor research to better know your market and demographic. Then we provide recommendations for changes to optimise your website for better traffic and conversions.

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What does it take to get you on the first page of Google (& keep you there)?

  1. Website Analysis: We will run a full, FREE SEO audit of your website and look at your main competitors. We’ll find out what is helping them out-rank everyone else in Google.
  2. Comply with Google: Google has some serious rules and expectations and not following these can result in being removed from the search results altogether (penalty). We make sure your site is compliant and stays within these guidelines.
  3. Research keywords and trending topics: Part of our preliminary research is to find the best keywords for you to target. We look at the keywords and phrases your competitors are targeting and find the best ones to target for the best ROI for your campaign.
  4. Optimise Website: We will then optimise your website’s content to make sure that these target keywords are easily found by Google. We make sure that all your images, videos and meta data are filled in properly for maximum exposure.
  5. Website Promotion: Once your site is well optimised for your target keywords, we start our promotion and link building. We use a combination of social signals and safe and natural link building to bring your site to the top of the search engine results.
How long does it take to see results?

That depends on a lot of different factors and it is impossible to gauge this before we have done our background and competitor research. However, if you make the recommended changes to your website your rankings will certainly improve a lot more quickly. Some of our clients see results in a matter of weeks while others may have to wait a bit longer. We target a range of less competitive terms as well as your main keywords. This means we can get you results faster than if we were only focused on the most difficult and competitive terms. With this method, you will still get targeted traffic while we move your main keywords up in the search results.

Get Your Website on Google’s First Page!

Having a first page ranking for major keywords puts your website and brand in front of your target market. Let people find your service, products and brand easily and quickly online. We also work to push your Google local page up the rankings and aim to get you listed on page 1 more than once.

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Yes, our results are guaranteed to work or we work for you for free until they do! There are just 2 provisos:

  1. You MUST be prepared to make the requested changes to your website to optimise it for the search engines and to give you the best chance to rank for your chosen keywords.
  2. Your website MUST be set up for conversions. We can make recommendations and the changes to your website, if needed. To get the most out of the traffic that we send to your site, your website must be set up for conversions. This way we can track your ROI and work to improve and increase it.