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How to Get Your Google Business Profile Place ID – SAB

Struggling to get your Google Business Profile Place ID? It’s easy if you have a physical address, but if you are a service area business, it’s not so easy.

1. Easy:

Businesses with a storefront/address: go to Google Maps Place ID finder and add your business name and address and it will show your place ID: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/places-placeid-finder

place id finder

2. Harder:

For service area business (those businesses that visit their customers), you need to go to your GBP listing, right click on “Write a Review”

right click write a review

and click “Inspect”. Click CMD/F (Mac) and CTRL/F (WINDOWS) and type: data-pid

Find the string of letters and numbers that appear after the “data-pid” text.

find data-pid

Check out this video for more info.


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