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How to Repurpose Content Like a Pro

Wondering How to Repurpose Content Like a Pro?

Find out how to repurpose content to make sure as many people as possible can read, listen and/or view your best blog posts.

Repurposing content is a fantastic way to make the most of one blog post. These days, people like to take in content in a variety of ways. Some are more visual learners and always prefer a video or slide share.

Other people do a lot of driving and love to listen to podcasts while they are on the move (I love podcasts while I’m out and about).

Still others love engaging and vivid images that provide a visual representation of the information (like infographics).

These days, there are so many apps and options to turn one blog post into a variety of multi media.

You can turn one blog post into:

  • A PowerPoint slide share (if you don’t have PowerPoint you can use the free Google Presentation or Open Office version of PowerPoint).


  • Do a voice over. There are many apps including the basic sound recorders on your PC or Mac. (Pro tip: get a cheap, but decent microphone from ebay or Aliexpress to get a much higher quality sound).


  • Turn the PowerPoint into a video. This is easy: just click on the “Export > Create Video > Internet Quality (if for YouTube). Wait for it to save and export.




  • Use the voice over for a Podcast on iTunes. Submitting a podcast to the iTunes store is easy. There is an excellent article here that goes through the cover image size and other necessary points to have your podcast accepted. Just follow the steps in that article and you’ll be good to go.


  • Upload your video created with your PowerPoint and voice over to all the video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You need a YouTube and Vimeo account to do this, but apart from that, not much else.


  • Turn your blog post into a PDF and upload that to Doc Sharing sites for a high PR link back to website. There are a lot of document sharing sites, just make sure your doc is publicly available. You can even use Google’s own Google Docs for this.

Once you have this content sent out among these networks, you can create links to the content (social bookmarks, wikis, forums, Yahoo Q&A) to boost their links back to your site.

You also need to share the links to the content on all your social media networks. Don’t forget to invite people to “share” the content.

Content is more likely to be retweeted and shared if you are part of an active community on your social media network. If you share other people’s quality content, they are more likely to share yours.

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