Policies and Procedures

Go Viral Now Policies and Procedures

FREE first meeting and FREE quote.


If you choose to cancel your website project order, you will be charged for any additional meeting (held after the first free meeting) at the rate of $75 per hour.

The goal of the first (free) meeting is for (you) the client to meet and discuss your website requirements with the web designer. If you have any questions, we encourage the client to ask them during this initial consultation.

Following the first meeting, we will provide a written contract based on your quote and our discussions at the initial meeting. Meetings undertaken while the project continues are usually part of the contract. However, Go Viral Now retains the right to charge for additional meetings that are in excess of the standard amount.

Your web project will begin upon receipt of a 50% deposit. However, upon receipt of your approval (email, signed contract and verbal) and with your express agreement, we may begin preparations for the project prior to the deposit being cleared (this can only be done at the discretion of Go Viral Now and after receiving your written agreement that the project will go ahead. This will only be considered for urgent projects with a deadline and a fee for prioritising your project may apply).

Once you have provided verbal and written approval (email communication included) if, for some reason, you choose to cancel your web project before paying the deposit or before your website is complete, you will be charged for preparation and work time completed at your request and approval (at the rate of $50 per hour). If you are unable to proceed with the project after payment of the deposit, your deposit will be forfeited to pay for the web developer’s time, hosting payments etc.

If the deposit has not been paid, you will be charged an hourly rate for any loss of time incurred by Go Viral Now in setting up your web project.

Confirmation of your project will be accepted in email format.

Below is a list of our payment options, procedures and policies. Cash or bank transfer is our preferred payment option. We accept credit card payments via Paypalbut you will be charged an additional 3% for Paypal processing fees ( Visa + Mastercard only ).

We do not accept personal cheques or money orders. Invoices and receipts will be provided.


A 50% cash deposit can be paid on the day that your website project begins. Final payment will fall due within 14 days after the website is complete and deployed “live”. Go Viral Now will charge interest on any outstanding amounts following the due date. Please contact Go Viral Now to discuss payment options if you are having trouble paying your account.

Bank Transfer

Please state your name or business name as a reference when transferring payment into our account. Bank account details will be provided in your first invoice.

Credit Card payments via PayPal

Once you have confirmed and approved your web project, we will email you an invoice which can include the option to pay with your Credit Card via PayPal, the world’s simplest and safest on-line payment system.

There is a 3% surcharge to cover our cost of processing credit card transactions via Paypal.

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