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Horse Riding Website Design Sydney

Updated for 2017: Horse Riding Website Design

Over the last 7 years in business, Go Viral Now has built a number of websites for horse riding businesses in Sydney.

These websites have been responsive sites and have included sliders, contact forms, click to call phone numbers, turn by turn Google map directions and more.

Our most recent site is for Sydney Hills Horse Riding Centre run by Carolyn Stubbs. Carolyn is very well known in the horse riding industry in Australia and this is one of many websites I have built for her.Horse Riding Website Design

Go Viral Now has developed a number of websites for businesses in the horse riding industry.

Websites range from responsive to desktop and mobile. We have also created full social media profiles and well followed Facebook business pages.

Booking Calendar and Payment Gateways

Some of the websites required complex class, pony party and private lesson booking calendar with payment gateways. By offering an appointment booking system that stops taking bookings when the class is full, the businesses were able to free up their time to do what they enjoy most. Riding horses and teaching others how to ride.

The booking and payment calendar system allows for either a deposit to be paid or full payment. As mentioned above, a maximum number of riders can be configured so that the correct number are booked and paid for.

Autoresponder Emails

The system allows for an automatic email to be sent to confirm payment and receipt for their booking.

Horse Riding Websites in Sydney have been developed for:

Gledswood Horse Riding Centre (changed to Sydney Horse Riding Centre)
Sydney Horse Riding Centre
Hills District Horse Riding Centre
Sydney Horse Riding Academy (website currently under construction)
Sydney Equestrian Centre

RESPONSIVE website design Sydney

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