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Go Viral Now works with Non Government Organisations to develop websites that are both functional and look great. Our NGO websites have included Directories (with both paid and unpaid memberships), Blogs, Quote and sign up forms as well as Ecommerce and the simpler Paypal “Buy Now” buttons.

We have also set up NGO websites with a range of tools to free up the time of boards and workers within the NGO.

Many NGO web developments are established to inform and connect with the organisation’s target group which means they need a responsive website that is sympathetic to the unique needs of their target group.

Video can be one of the most effective methods of reaching out to the NGO target group. However, if the demographic is older, large sized text with a text to speech option or audio podcasts may be preferred.


It’s worth considering the wide range of options for making a website accessible for all visitors no matter what their situation or needs.

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An NGO website should be responsive but if this is not possible, it is important to offer a mobile version. It should be easily read on any device. This means that it must render well in all mobile phones, desktop PCs and tablets. It should also load quickly so that visitors don’t click away from your site.


Options such as “click to call/sms/email” and turn by turn directional maps should be readily available and easy to use for mobiles. All Go Viral Now’s websites offer these options as well as translation widgets and many other features that make your clients’ time on your website and access to your organisation so much easier.

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Membership registration is often important for an NGO website. These types of sites should offer a simple to navigate and secure sign up process. This way NGO staff won’t need to monitor or maintain the site and most processes are automated (unless approval is required). Registration can be a completely hands-off process.

The most important space on any NGO website (all websites) is the top of the homepage – the section that doesn’t require scrolling to reach (that part that is called “above the fold”) and is seen immediately when the website is accessed. It is this space that is vital to make the most of and get your most important message across.

Our non government organisation sites can have clickable sliders on the home page – this can make the most use of the most valuable space. You can also offer advertising space or provide clickable banner ads for relevant support networks and organisations.

Having a responsive website for a non government organisation means that clients can easily get in touch and stay informed. It is possible to use technology such as QR codes in offline promotional pamphlets to allow for mobile devices to easily scan the code and gain fast access to the NGO website.

Adding a QR code to offline advertising can connect those ads to your website and online presence and make it easier and faster for your clients to stay in touch and up to date.

Combining social media marketing with your online assets will spread the word and allow others to share your information and services to those who might not have heard of you. Word of mouth and recommendations by friends are the most effective form of marketing. Using social media to share your message and gain support can be very effective for many NGOs.

Some innovative NGO campaigns that combined video with social media and QR codes include this one from Sweden:

The Sex Profile from ESTER on Vimeo


Watch The Sunshine Centre’s promotional video:

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