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How to Delete a Duplicate Google+ Listing

How to Delete a Duplicate Google+ Page

  1. Claim duplicate listings.
  2. Across all duplicate listings make sure that all your information is the same.
  3. After pin code verification via phone or postcard, the choice to delete a listing will be offered to you.
  4. Select delete and follow the steps.
  5. Estimated time until full removal (2-4 weeks)


This is a very quick video on what to do when you’ve got more than one Google Plus/Place page listing and you need to delete one or more than one. You will need to turn the volume up very loudly as it needs redoing… 🙁

  • Login with your gmail account, do a search for your name or company name. See how many are yours.

If you see more than one, the duplicate might be the one that Google has created for you.

  • Make sure you open both pages and check which one has the most posts and information so you don’t accidentally remove the main page.
  • Go into the page settings (square blue box on top right hand side near your name/photo).
  • If you don’t actually own the page yourself you will have to claim ownership and then verify it by getting a pin code sent to your business address. You will then need to verify it and then delete the address.
  • Because I own the page I don’t want to transfer ownership as it will ask, I just want to delete the page.
  • It’ll ask you to sign in and re-enter Google+.

Now you should have  your  proper page as the only one displaying and this is the one that you will actually want people to be looking at.

One final thing to remember is that you can’t get rid of your Google plus personal profile. You need that to be able to have a Google+ page but you also need it for your blog authorship.

Everybody should be using the rel=author tag so that their Google+ profile photo will come up in the search results (details in a future blog post). It makes your blog posts far more clickable and you’re more likely to get a good rank for your blog posts.

You need both your profile and your business page.

Let us know if you have a better way or if you have had any issues in the comment box.  And don’t forget to share this page if you think it will help others.


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