Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

As a digital marketer, you know how valuable Facebook is as an advertising platform. The social media
giant offers a wide range of targeting and display options to maximize the performance of your ad

With over 1 billion daily users from all over the world, Facebook allows you to reach almost any segment
of the market for any location. You can even choose a specific demographic with particular interests that
you want your ads to reach.

By leveraging Facebook advertising, your business can reap a myriad of benefits including increased
traffic and engagement.

Before you start planning and creating your visual design and copy, consider where you should place
your ads first. Knowing where to place your ads can determine how strong or weak an impression
you’ll leave on your target audience.

Let’s take a look at this well-crafted illustration to walk you through the different types of Facebook ad
placements and how it can help you grow your business.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

Infographic by Spiralytics.

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