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Simple Twitter Analytics Tips

How much do you know about who is using Twitter and why they’re engaged? Some of the reality might surprise you.
For example, over half of all Twitter users have stumbled upon small and medium-size businesses using the social media platform. Once they have that discovery in hand, they’re more inclined to view that same business positively—including shopping at a store or using a website.
The takeaway, of course, is that Twitter users are more likely to be customers. But how then can you turn their initial use of Twitter on your behalf into engagement or something else? One useful tool is something that’s built into Twitter—the Analytics Dashboard.
Those metrics can help you gauge engagement, growth in followers, even clicks on links. You can learn more about what your users “look” like—their demographics and consumer behavior—as well as how your information gets disseminated by those users.
Want to learn more? This graphic can help. Click to zoom for large infographic.


Source: Payroll

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